The McDonald's Connection

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Little by little, we can do a lot.

A dime here. A quarter there. It might not seem like much. But when thousands give, the amount those coins help children and families in Macon is truly amazing.

The RMHC Donation Boxes are one of our biggest ongoing fundraisers. It's from people like you filling the donation boxes with nickels, dimes and quarters.

McDonald's customers annually donate over $50,000 to our house through in-store donation boxes!

Just how powerful is the small change dropped into the donation box?

A full donation box could let a family stay together at a Ronald McDonald House for up to 2 weeks while their child receives care at a nearby Macon hospital.
Change in the donation boxes can give families a place to rest in our Ronald McDonald House, just steps from their child's hospital bed.

Show your support when you see a donation box at a McDonald's, and drop in your spare change. Spread the word and suggest to your friends and family that they do the same.